Registrations have now closed for Palmy Fringe 2018

This is for the Fringe programme/website so people know what different events are about. Write the key words/sentences that describe your event to attract an audience. Think about including descriptors like GENRE (e.g. comedy, burlesque, dance, family) to let the audience know what they are in for. Think about including a rating to indicate if it is suitable for kids or not (e.g 18+, adults only, fun for the whole family). Thirty words for programme
100 words for website / marketing
When is your event on? Help us schedule it correctly! Preferred dates/times – is it a day time event or a night time event? How long is your show (duration)? Palmy Fringe Festival runs from 6 - 13 October.
Choose from the list of available venues: rank your preferences in order (option 1 as most preferred, option 6 as least preferred). We will allocate venue and time based around availability and suitability Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
You CAN arrange your own venue but we cannot offer booking/ticketing support to venues outside of the listed venues. If you are scheduling a free or koha event, this might be an ideal option for you: but we still want to know what you are planning so we can help promote you!
How much are tickets to your event? Full and Concession (e.g. student, gold card, community services card).
Who’s in charge of your event? This is the nominated contact person. Who else is involved? List the names and contact details of any other people involved in your production.
Contact details for another person who can get hold of you if you're not receiving our other communications.
Where do we pay any money you make and refund your venue bond?
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