#snailsstockroom presents Meet The Dealer - a performance art experience with local art superstar Bek Coogan.

Meet the Dealer is a multi-platform performance event, that will activate and launch #snailsstockroom.  The choice is yours how you decide to partake in the performance.

Based on the model of the stockroom in a dealer art Gallery, ‘Meet the Dealer’ will combine performance art, installation, and social media exposure, to create daily events that will provide a testing ground for how we can experience and be involved in the consumption of art.   Meet the dealer can be observed in both the real world and via Instagram. Follow @meetthedealer and never miss the action!

Follow @meetthedealer on Instagram for times and to make appointments.


6th - 13th October Daily 12pm

Snails Stock Room - 103 Taonui Street


Duration: 60 mins

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